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What Size TV Stand Do I Need?

The Dilemma of the TV Stand

Lots of people go out to a store or browse online and buy a new, bigger TV. They get it home, take it out of the box, put the legs on and go to put it in their old corner entertainment unit…and it doesn’t fit.

“What size TV stand do I need?”

“How big of a TV stand does this thing take?”

It may seem complicated when you grab the measuring tape before having your TV because televisions are measured on a diagonal (corner-to-corner), not across the top.

So, the very first step is to figure out how wide your TV will be (or is). Take a look at this table to get the screen size, then add the bezel width(plastic frame around the screen). As technology advances, the bezel shrinks, so it shouldn’t make too big of a difference.

We recommend the screen width + bezel width (both sides) + about 3 inches for the stand width.

We did all the work and reviewed a list of TV stands matching each class size, and organized them here for you.

32″ – 46″ Furrino Espresso / Black

This stand says in the description that it is made for a TV up to 42″, but that isn’t because of the size. It’s the weight restriction. It is big enough for up to 50″, so just make sure your TV is less than 55 lbs. (99% of 40-46″ TVs will be less than 55 lbs)

32″ – 46″ Convenience Concepts Black 3-Tier

This is another that announces it is good up to 42″, but it can handle a 46″ no problem. Sleek black and silver, with a simple design.

32″ – 50″ Fitueyes Mount Stand

If you like the idea of your TV being attached to your stand and taking up less space, this stand will be perfect for you. It needs one less shelf and improves safety against knocking the TV over. It can also fit up to a 50″, so you can upgrade the TV later.

50″ – 65″ Baxton Studio Dark Brown

For larger screens, it becomes more and more difficult to find actual entertainment center stands, and it starts to shift more toward wall mounting. This stand will handle up to 65″ without the screen going over the sides, but there’s more than enough room for the legs of a larger screen.

65″+ Wall Mounting

Wall mounting is much cheaper and simpler than it’s ever been before. It also leaves you a lot more freedom for your entertainment center. You can choose anything and center it below the TV when you don’t need to put the TV on it. It is also the safest method since you can never knock the TV over.

Recommended if using table type stand

If you plan to use the included legs, and a table-top style TV stand, the above link is a cheap, very important item. It’s a set of straps that attach to the VESA bolt holes and bolt to the TV stand, keeping your screen from ever falling forward and shattering. A very small investment to protect a very large one.

Thank you for reading our article and we truly hope we were able to help you in your decision for your entertainment needs.

12 thoughts on “What Size TV Stand Do I Need?

  1. Great article. I am looking to buy a new T. V stand as my current one is a little too small for my T. V. The 50″ – 65″ Baxton Studio Dark Brown T. V stand looks like a perfect choice for me. I hope it will serve me and be worth every penny I will spend on it. 

  2. Thanks for this. We recently moved homes and none of our TVs sit right on the units in our new home. Looks like we’re going to have to replace all the sideboards or mount them on the walls. I don’t work in inches (I’m English) but most of my TVs are about a metre. 

    It’s funny because before I loved houses it would never have occurred to me to check if the tv’s and stand are compatible! Thanks for your help

    1. A metre would be about 40″. We use metric here in Canada too, but most of the traffic my site caters to is in the US. 

  3. This is a great post, and from your writeup I noticed I have been using the wrong size of stand for my TV for a very long time, I had no idea TV sizes goes hand-in-hand with TV stands. This is really an eye opener. Great work recommending few stands too, this is really helpful. Good work, keep it up. 

  4. I really find this article so useful and I have already write some of the important point in article inside my diary in other for me not to forget. 

    reason for this is that sometimes ago, I bought a new TV with wider screen than the one am using before,during the time of installation I discover that there is a need for me to change the TV stand but I don’t know the size to buy  or what to look out for when buying a TV stand. To cut the long story short I need to invite a professional to install the TV stand and the TV.

  5. Thank you for this TV stand review, it has really been informative to me. This article explains different types of TV stand and there size.Fitueyes Mount Stand 32″-50″ would be the best for me.this will be useful even when I decide to upgrade my TV to 50″.

    I would love to know the price of this fitueyes mount stand. This is an insightful article. Beat regards 

    1. Unfortunately, Amazon will not allow me to mention the prices of anything on my review. You can, however, click the name of the stand you are interested in, and it will take you right to where you can purchase it, and includes the price and shipping (if any).

  6. I like the Convenience Concept and furino Espresso 32 for my own personal use as I don’t have my own family yet.  I commend your job. It was a job well done as you took out time to put all of these in a tabular form. With this I wouldn’t make the mistake I made in the time past when I wanted to purchase my Television. I did the purchase and later bought a wrong TV stand which is not good for my television. Your article is a very useful one to me. Thanks for that. 

  7. Hi Tyler. When I purchased my last TV, my husband and I were debating what kind of stand we should get. Eventually got one similar to the Furrino that you have shown. It has worked well. However, I like the wall mount and maybe I will be choosing that one the next time around. Thanks for the numbers (measurements), the displays, and the related prices that make this easier.

    1. The last time I used a wall mount, I opted for an electric fireplace instead of the usual entertainment unit. It was nice, and had more than enough space for my gadgets (Xbox and BluRay).

  8. I can’t dispute the fact that a lot of people go out to a store or browse online and buy a new, bigger TV, and when they get it home, putting it on their old corner entertainment uniy and it doesn’t fit. I can categorically say that not considering the stand to put new TV may before going to buy may be as a result of the joy of getting a new TV set, and make us overlooks the stand for it, this is normal every human being as it has happened to me before when I followed my dad to buy a new 50 inches TV to change our old 32 inches, on getting home we found that the old stand doesn’t fit at all, even if we want to manage it. I really find this post helpful and I know also for others as it content all the work and reviewed a list of TV stands matching each class size, and organized them here for us. Our of the recommended TV stand I really love the wall mounting as its much cheaper and simpler than it’s ever been before. It also leaves you a lot more freedom for your entertainment center. Hope I can get for our 50 inches TV set?

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