So, You’re Ready For the Best Bass


That word alone will make any self-respecting audiophile excited.

Not only do they make incredible speakers and subwoofers, but they are the speakers used in some of the most celebrated and well-known entertainment destinations in the world. Everyone has heard of Hard Rock Cafe, and AMC and Regal movie theatres.

They are the best, so they use the best.

Klipsch also has the longest running patented technology in speaker history, the Klipschorn, patented in 1946.

If you are ready to buy a Klipsch subwoofer, I’m here to explain why that is a very good idea.

Resonance Crystal GlassLet’s Talk About Resonance

Everything on earth has a “resonant frequency“. An opera singer shattering a crystal glass with their voice is simply them reaching the resonant frequency of the crystal in a loud enough way that it vibrates the crystal past its resonant threshold. There are machines that can be used to shatter kidney and gall stones in the same way.

Resonance in terms of a subwoofer is the driver, or the cone, continuing to vibrate at the frequency it produces because it produced that frequency. Doesn’t that sound impossible to overcome?

The best way to handle resonance, and keep bass nice and tight, (close to) only producing what is meant to be heard on the media being played, is by damping.

What is Damping?

Guitar Damping

With the crystal glass example, damping would be touching the glass, or think of when a guitar player gently presses the strings to damp a chord, which would stop the vibration and, after a much shorter time than if it wasn’t damped, stop the sound altogether. The vibration is slowed or stopped by adding material of a different resonant frequency to “absorb” the lasting vibration.

In speakers, damping is accomplished by adding a coating to the driver or using a material to build the driver that can also damp any resonance.

In doing so, they add mass to the driver, making it more difficult to push the same amount of sound, which means more required power to the driver for the same audible effect.

Why Are We Talking About This?

Damping is one of the many reasons that Klipsch has overtaken just about all competition in the speaker world.

Their trademarked Cerametallic driver material (a hybrid material including ceramic and spun copper) adds the required mass to the driver to deal with a remarkable amount of resonance, without compromising the power you would expect from high-end audio equipment.

One of the breakthroughs in speaker technology was moving from polymers and papers to metals in drivers, as sound transfers much faster through metal. Ceramic allows sound to transfer even faster than metal, but is extremely brittle, making it, on its own, less than ideal for use in speaker cones.

Klipsch Cerametallic technology utilizes the higher propagation rate of ceramic, by strengthening it with spun copper, also giving the added benefit of damping resonance, by layering two materials of different resonant frequencies, like touching the crystal glass.

The result? The cleanest, most natural bass available today.

AppsLowControl – Control The Bass From Your Phone

You want the sound you pay for. That’s why you are reading this.

LowControl is an app developed by Klipsch that gives you control over every aspect of your new subwoofer (or subwoofers, it can handle 4 of them).

First, when adding a subwoofer to any system, it can sometimes be difficult to optimize it for the specific room that it is being used in. Most subwoofers are designed in a generalized way, to make them “one size fits all”, and make them almost the best for any room.

Klipsch added auto room correction to their LowControl app to make sure their subwoofer is the best for your room.

Simply open up your LowControl app, select Auto Room Correction and follow the instructions. (Place your phone near the subwoofer, let it work).

Then, you can set up the independent gain, phase and crossover for each subwoofer, giving you the most complete sound possible.

Finally, you can fine-tune with a 5-band parametric (decibel, primary frequency and bandwidth range) equalizer.

LowControl also comes equipped with pre-loaded EQ settings, such as Music, Cinema, and Night modes.

Meet Your New Best Friend

These technologies are only available on these two Klipsch subwoofers:

C-310ASWi – 10″ Cerametallic driver, 400W continuous / 800W peak

C-308ASWi – 8″ Cerametallic driver, 300W continuous / 600W peak

These two amazing additions to your home theatre system come equipped with the incredible Cerametallic driver, oriented in front-firing position (good looks, simplest integration).

Buy the best today!