Get Started – Everything To Enjoy HDR TV

So, You Want to Upgrade

Upgrading to HDR is one of the simplest things to do. In fact, you might already have some required equipment!

So get started here, and follow this checklist to enjoy HDR TV and all the amazing visuals that come with it.

First Things First, You Need a TV

In order to watch TV in HDR, you need a TV that is able to play HDR content. HDR or High Dynamic Range is available on just about every TV that is mid-level and up, but there are a few newer technologies that you may want to consider before upgrading.

HDR10+: HDR was originally named HDR10, which meant High Dynamic Range, 10-bit colour depth. HDR10+ is the original HDR with an added signal, that adds to the quality of moving images, making them display faster and with better HDR than the original technology.

Dolby Vision: This is Dolby Labs version of HDR, where they one-upped the competition. Dolby’s standard goes above and beyond with 12-bit or higher.

Click here to read our review of three 4k TVs, all including HDR.

Next, You Need Something to Play Content

You need HDR compatible content to watch on your compatible TV, which is easily played with the Sony UBPX800 4k HDR BluRay player, or the incredible audiophile level OPPO UDP-205 reviewed here. They are also compatible with Dolby Atmos. To learn more about Atmos, click here.

Then, You Need to Connect the Two

You need compatible connecting hardware, namely HDMI 2.0a or newer (like the more recent upgrade to HDMI 2.1).

The Last Step is Content

Find your content (streaming services, like Amazon Prime Video (free trial), or most of the newest 4k BluRay movies available), and watch it in all of its incredible, life-like glory.

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