Denon X4500H Review – Hear the Denon Difference

The Sound Technicals


Before we get into the juicy stuff for this Denon X4500H review, let’s go over the sound hardware capability:

  • 11.2 Capable (with a 2-channel amplifier added, 9.2 without)
  • 125 watts per channel
  • 8 ohms
  • THD 0.05%
  • 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz

11.2 capable means it can be used for just about any speaker configuration. You can use it to power anything from 2.0 to 7.2.4.

In this case, out of the box, it is possible to use up to 9.2, 7.2.2 or 5.2.4.

To learn why they went from 7.1 to 7.2, click here.

For more information on 7.2.2 and 7.2.4, click here.

Watts is the measurement of power used by an electrical component. When it comes to speakers, watts translate to the ability to handle higher volumes.

In this case, each passive speaker channel (powered by the receiver, not a built-in amplifier, like a subwoofer) can receive up to 125 watts to a maximum of 9 passive speakers.

This gives you a total power of 1,125 watts plus the power of your subwoofer. (If using a separate 2-channel amplifier to allow for 11.2, 9.2.2 or 7.2.4, also at 125 watts per channel, total power increases to 1,375 watts plus subwoofer)

Ohms are the measurement value for the resistance of a speaker. It isn’t incredibly important in this case, as most home speakers are 8 ohms. Basically, higher ohms of resistance, more required power for the same sound volume. Fewer ohms means you can play your content louder for the power you have.

THD stands for Total Harmonic Distortion, which exists in all electrical representations of sound. The lower the THD value, the clearer the sound is, and the closer it gets to being exactly as recorded. 0.05% is a very negligible and acceptable amount of distortion for a home AV receiver.

The human hearing range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz, so, as you can see, this receiver allows for every frequency you will be able to hear.

The Fun Stuff – Compatible Technology


3D Sound

This includes Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, and Auro-3D.

For information on Dolby Atmos, click here.

DTS:X is Digital Theater Systems’ response to Dolby Atmos. It uses “height” or “elevation” channels to add vertical sound to your already existing lateral surround sound. DTS Virtual:X imitates this technology without having physical height speakers, much like virtual surround on television or soundbar.

Auro-3D is a lesser-known alternative, but it never hurts to have compatibility for everything.

The Latest Video Technology

You can send video signals over HDMI that include:

  • 3D
  • 4K upscaling
  • HDR
  • Dolby Vision
  • HLG
  • IMAX Enhanced

While 3D has been phased out with the advent of 4K televisions, and subsequently curved displays, this receiver still allows for it, in case you still have a 3D TV.

The X4500H includes 4K upscaling, which means all of your 1080p DVDs will look better on that new 4K TV. It doesn’t give you true 4K clarity, but it is much better than 1080p alone.

If you don’t have a 4K TV yet, read our review of our favourite three mid-class 4K TVs by clicking here.

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range, which incredibly enhances the contrast of images on the screen, and works seamlessly with WCG or wide colour gamut, giving much more vivid, life-like colours. For more information on HDR and how it works, click here.

Dolby Vision takes HDR and adds even more to it, in true Dolby style. Where HDR gives great contrast in 10-bit colour depth, Dolby Vision gives you a minimum of 12-bit, for incredible colour and contrast handling.

HLG, or Hybrid Log Gamma, is the product of broadcasters BBC in the UK, working alongside Japanese NHK. It simplifies how television stations broadcast. It takes SD and HD signals and combine them, and makes it so your TV can play it, whether you have an HDTV or not.

Lastly, we reach IMAX Enhanced. What do you think when you hear the word IMAX?


IMAX was completely different because the film is recorded and played horizontally, not vertically. This gives the ability to have an image wider than the physical film that it is recorded on. IMAX Enhanced gives you the absolute best quality possible (combining IMAX quality images with DTS sound) when playing IMAX content.

For great IMAX content, check out this free trial of Amazon Prime Video.

What Can I Connect?


Now that you know what your new X4500H will do for you, you need to know what you can connect to it.


The X4500H has an amazing 8 HDMI inputs and 3 HDMI outputs for connecting all of your devices (Blu-Ray player, cable box, PlayStation, Xbox, etc) and up to three TVs or monitors.


Included in these 8 inputs is eARC, or Enhanced Audio Return Channel, which, to enjoy the full benefit will require HDMI 2.1 or higher, which includes an Ethernet connection in the same cable.

The very first benefit of eARC (or ARC beforehand), is that you no longer need to plug in an expensive optical cable to enjoy the digital sound from your devices. The digital sound signals are carried over the HDMI cable, along with UHD video signals. eARC is capable of passing the information required to take advantage of the incredible capabilities of this receiver.

eARC can be used to send Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Aero-3D signals from your devices to your X4500H receiver.

For our favourite HDMI cable, click here. This cable will remain relevant well through 8K and works well for eARC and Dolby Vision.

Simply plug your HDMI 2.1 cable into the ARC or eARC HDMI in on your TV, and plug the other end into the eARC out on your receiver. Then, just make sure that if your connected device has eARC, that you are using that output to connect to the receiver. Done!

There are cases where you may need to activate eARC in the TV settings, which may include turning off the built-in TV speakers.


After all of your wired devices and TVs are connected, it’s time to go wireless with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Update your receiver with ease, and connect to your phone to play music.

This receiver is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2, which makes it possible to connect to any wireless device in your home.

There is also included ihiji Invision and Domotz Pro capability available over WiFi. These are both remote management companies, meaning you can turn music on at different times of day while you are on vacation in another country.

Setting it Up – The Apps



Denon now has their own line of products compatible with an app that they named HEOS. They are Alexa compatible. For our HEOS speaker choice, click here.

The HEOS app can control your compatible wireless speakers and receivers in your entire home. You can play classical in the master bedroom, and metal in the living room if you want.

As an added bonus, it works seamlessly with popular music services like:

  • Spotify Connect
  • Pandora
  • SiriusXM
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Napster
  • and more!

Audyssey Audio Optimization

After everything is hooked up and connected, Denon has one more bonus wrapped up in this wonderful receiver.

Audyssey MultEQ XT32 system built in will measure your room, and adjust all the settings automatically. Then, you can go into the app, and if something isn’t to your liking in one of your rooms, you can change all the settings manually.

Now that you have seen all the glorious benefits of this receiver, and the simplicity of using it, it’s time to buy it!

Click here to see a full list of prices for your new AVR-X4500H today!

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  1. Thanks for this review on the Denon X4500H, I am moving into a new apartment, and I’m on the look out for modern appliances to make my new home comfortable. I believe the Denon X4500H ticks all the right boxes, and would be a useful asset in my living room

    I will give the Denon X4500H serious thoughts, because I believe it’s worth every cent!

  2. Wow this is a great review. Nicely put together for any music lover with great features:11.2 Capable (with a 2-channel amplifier added, 125 watts per channel ,8 ohms, THD 0.05% and 20 Hz ~ 20 kH you don’t need to be told what an awesome piece this will be. Imagine playing my old music wirelessly with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Update my receiver with ease, and connect to my  phone to play music;DENON X4500H is a bomb!

  3. One of the main reason why I love this review and why I believe it is because it was written out of your experience with the product. I love any review that was written out of experience and I most times always go for such product and believe me when I say this, I know this product is topnotch

  4. Nice article there on denon really did a great job putting this review together, I really find it enlightening with some of the thing I don’t know before about denon of the things I like about denon x4500h is the fact that it is wireless and you can control it even from your bed room

  5. I really like this review. The Denon can really do a lot of cool things and it seems like it is of the highest quality. Maybe I overlooked it but what is the price? Also, what is the best recommendation of where I should buy this in regards to price and shipping fees?

  6. I love that you explain the tech details. I had no idea what that all meant in the beginning. It gives a lot more meaning the specs now that I understand them.

    I never knew that sound technology is being designed so as to give the effect as if you can hear the height the sound is coming from or the direction. I knew surround sound was a thing. I just never knew what it meant.

    This product certainly has a wide range of compatibility. It’s great that it’s wireless. Fewer wires mean less worries for parents with little ones that like to pull on wires. And it’s cool that it’s Alexa compatible. It seems like the brains behind the product wanted it to be used by anyone in conjunction with anything.

  7. Hi TYLER,
    Wow! What a smart product! I’ve been impressed to see the design of the Denon-x4500h. You have perfectly described all of its feature and related information. I love its great features like11.2 Capable (with a 2-channel amplifier added, 125 watts per channel, 8 ohms, THD 0.05% and 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz. I will be the proud owner of this product soon. However, I have a little bit of concern regarding this product? Is there any warranty period available for this product? Thank you for writing this informative product

  8. Great informtion and so happy to land here. It just so happenes that my husband is looking to create a theatre room in our basement. The sound system is one of his biggest interest (mine is the actually screen size). I’m not the techy here but I’d like to sound like I know something when I talk to him. 

    Would suggest this would also work for our purposes or is this mainly for music listening? Does it matter if it’s bein connected to a projector or TV? 

    1. Definitely not just for music! Dolby Atmos is incredible for movies!

      Read about Atmos here.

      Also, if your interest is in the TV, you may be interested in our review of some great mid class 4k TVs. Click here if you are.

      For the TV or projector question, either are more or less interchangeable now, as both generally have standard HDMI ports. Just keep an eye on whether they are HDMI 2.1 to take advantage of all the new technology, like Dolby Vision and eARC.

  9. This monstrous DENON X4500H home  theater is an amazing piece . With all the capability and upgraded options like the HDMI ports , this device is sure to rule in its category. I am a music lover and its only a matter of time before this home theater becomes the pick of many gadget lovers like me. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  10. I will like to commend you for taking out time to write this great review about Demon.. I am a music lover and I have been making some findings on some musical appliances, well non of the ones that I have stumbled on really suit my tastes.  Following the fact that Denon has great features that are so intriguing, I will stop the findings and go for denon

  11. This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. Its only possible to have good result when all factors are put into consideration. I have heard about denonx4500h before now but i havent tasted its benefits this much. Infact I kept mixing the products together, just getting to know about the difference now. This is an eye opener for me, Thanks for sharing

    1. Sometimes with newer technology it really is hard to keep track of everything included, especially with receivers. There are just so many different conventions and other technologies that companies need to make their products compatible for, and Denon does a great job of doing just that. I am a huge fan of this receiver and how much it can handle, power, clarity and technology.

  12. I really appreciate the informative materials on this review.  

    It is difficult sometime to understand the jargon terminology in music.  You did a good job of defining the terms.  It helps me to have a better comprehension of the terminology. 

    I am not a music enthusiast but I love music.  The Denon X4500H would be the first speaker I must buy.  

    I will be happy to share my experience with the speaker in the future.     

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