AC Infinity AIRCOM T9 Honest Review


With a powerful receiver comes amazing quality sound, with the unfortunate side effect of a lot of heat. Power running through all the capacitors, coils and resistors to bring your magical musical or cinematic experience to life is made by a huge quantity of electrons moving very quickly, which creates friction, which emits heat.

Circuit Board

Electronic systems work differently at different temperatures, like traces (the lines on a circuit board connecting components) that are close together. When heat is applied to a powered circuit, constructed on a semiconductor, such as silicon, those closely situated traces begin to carry their own capacitance. That means there is a charge between two separate signals.

That means noise. Noise is when you aren’t getting what you expect, the exact representation of the recording you are playing.

To the rescue, AC Infinity AIRCOM T9!

Computer Fan

Cool Your Components

You bought an expensive receiver. You want to get the most of out it and keep it working like new.

The best and easiest way to do this is to protect it from heat. Even high-quality electrical components will eventually fail if they run under extreme conditions often. Extreme conditions for a capacitor or resistor can be operating at full load in the middle of the summer (ESPECIALLY if they are operating in an enclosed space, like a cabinet).

You also like to know what’s going on and you want to be able to control any new toys you buy (that’s why you have a great receiver).

The AC Infinity AIRCOM T9 does all of this and does it well.

This unit sits on top of your receiver and only takes up 1.5″ of height. It has three dual ball-bearing, 120mm fans, controlled by a smart system that keeps track of the temperature of the air coming from your amplifier.

You can set the temperature that you want the air to be, and an alarm temperature to ensure your equipment remains undamaged.

Here are some more specifications:

  • 210 CFM of airflow
  • 21 dBa on the highest setting
  • 6-speed fan control
  • 3-setting display brightness control
  • 9.5 watts
  • 67,000-hour fan rating
  • Can control up to six Infinity AIRPLATE fans, if your system is located in a cabinet

The Downsides

I’m sure that we agree that no electronic device is perfect. There will always be that one tiny flaw, that one thing.

For the T9, there are a few but are easily avoided or fixed.

  1. Do not rely entirely on the alarm. It is a useful feature, but it is not very loud. So, if you are listening to loud music, or watching a loud movie, you might not hear it. Unless you live in the desert, this shouldn’t be a huge problem. Normal operating conditions along with the T9 cooling your receiver should never cause your component to fail.
  2. There is a “temperature probe” underneath the unit, which is the reason for the next issue. Be careful not to damage this probe, as it makes most of the controls possible.
  3. There are feet on this unit that create a gap between your receiver and the T9. The reason for this gap is to protect the temperature probe, but it allows too much air to bypass the receiver, and take away from the maximum cooling benefit you could be getting. This problem is very easy to solve with D-shaped Weather Stripping on the underside of the T9, between the feet, creating a seal and ensuring all the air is being pulled through the receiver.

The Results

Using this on a high-powered receiver (like the Denon AVR-X4500H that we reviewed here), the average running temperature dropped by about 30 F (22 F on the lowest setting, 34 F on the highest). This is an incredible difference when it comes to the lifespan and performance of your electronic devices.

In our opinion, with the recommended modification above, this product is definitely worth considering.

Overall Rating : 4.8 / 5.0

3 thoughts on “AC Infinity AIRCOM T9 Honest Review

  1. Your review on AC Infinity AIRCOM T9, is quite awesome, as it is very exolicit, simple and yet easy to understand. It was indeed a honest review as you mentioned not only the positives, but also the negatives. I have learned from your post not to expose these electronic systems to extreme temperatures as it has effects on them. I think the AC Infinity AIRCOM T9 is worth giving a try from your review and you rating it 4.8/5 makes it a good one. Thanks so much for this educative review. I hope to read more of your subsequent posts.

  2. This is one of the most amazingly informative and expository things I have read today,more so as an avid students of electrical engineering,stumbling upon this has made me some more knowledge on AC INFINITY AIRCOM T9. After going through the description, it is design to cool receivers, amplifiers, DVR, and other AV components. Protects components from overheating. At least this will help us reduce fire outbreak as a result of over heating. Thanks for the write up, hope to get more of your posts. 

  3. Heat is inevitable due to large currents passing through electrically resisting material.

    Semiconductors though may not have a linear heating effect, all the same they still heat up.

    From the review i would say the AC Infinity AiRCOM T9 becomes inevitable in warm places. Thanks for the review.

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