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Welcome to Best Home Theater Review, where we pride ourselves in helping people decide what is best for their particular needs when it comes to their electronic home entertainment. We welcome any and all feedback, so if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us, and we honestly hope it makes Best Home Theater Review better, to help future consumers even more.

My Life Story – The Abridged Edition

The owner, Tyler (that’s me!), has a very specific sequence of experience in his past. Being interested in computers and electronics since his first video game system (NES in 1990), he went on to continually cause problems on his mother’s $2,000 Pentium 166 MHz desktop, in order to learn how to fix the problems himself. It didn’t take long to learn Windows 95.

His interest in computers continued into high school, and he branched out into robotics (96% in that class), and car audio. Sadly, his mother passed away on July 26th, 2002, just before his final year of high school. This led to him living with his (richer) aunt for a year and having the opportunity to learn home audio and acoustics, and access to better TVs.

Later, he went to college and chose Electrical Engineering. However, as it tends to do, life happened (his son was born). His very distinct plans of leaving for California to work for Harman Kardon (the makers of Infinity and JBL) changed. The second round of college extended his computer skills with Internet Application Development (most of which is now completely useless, unless building themes and plugins for WordPress, like HTML and JS).

After learning many other unrelated skills, like welding and hypnotherapy, he decided it’s time to get back to two things he’s been doing and learning for 85% of his life, computers and electronics.

Why Do I Want To Do This?

People have endlessly differing experiences in life. You learn what life teaches you, and your decisions bring those things into your life. Most people enjoy a good movie at home, but most don’t want to learn all the technical specifics to be able to enjoy a good movie at home.

You’re busy.

So, let me do all the digging, and give you exactly what you need to make an informed, value-driven decision, to choose exactly what YOU need.

Someone who watches a movie once a week, and doesn’t have cable probably doesn’t need a top of the line 70″ 4k Smart TV, with 1800 watt 7.2.4 channel Atmos surround, ranging from 18 Hz to eardrum exploding treble.

Conversely, someone who plays the newest video games watches only 4k Blu Rays and lives for the next binge on the best quality Netflix account probably wouldn’t be completely satisfied with a 42″ 1080p TV and a low-end soundbar.

The truth is, everyone is different. Don’t buy what you don’t want.

The Goal

The goal for Best Home Theater Review is simple. Match people with electronics, and have them be satisfied with their purchase.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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