Which TV Should I Buy?

A TV has become a fixture in most households and is usually one of the major purchases you will make, aside from a home and vehicle. You want to make sure that your money buys what is best for YOU.

We are going to go through a few 4k TV reviews to help you decide. We will compare specifications, pros and cons, and give a rating based on quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

The TVs we will be reviewing today are:

When you get to the size option, 65″ is recommended for a viewing distance of 3.5-10. Ten feet was the recommended distance for a 1080p TV, and the higher resolution on a 4k TV allows you to sit much closer without image degradation.

SonySony X750F – Best Image and Connections

Total Rating: 4.8/5.0


Sony took the best quality for screen image between these three. The upscaling (from 480p to 1080p, 720p/1080p to 4k) is excellent.

Connectivity was also a plus for the Sony, being the only one with 4 HDMI ports, one with ARC (Audio Return Channel, which makes connecting devices like a soundbar or receiver simpler), and 3 USB ports (for most people, a little overkill, but nice to have).

This TV also boasts Bluetooth 4.1, which neither of the others has. Using Bluetooth or WiFi and Chromecast, you can mirror your phone or Android tablet to the TV with ease.


The Sony, unfortunately, loses a few points for its user interface. Android TV isn’t as smooth or simplistic as Roku or Samsung‘s excellent Smart interface.

The USB interface is quite slow to read, compared to the others.

The speakers have a delay when turning the TV on, and the sound isn’t as good as it could be, given Sony’s legendary reputation for quality.

TCL R617 or R617-CA– Best ValueTCL

Total Rating: 4.6/5.0


TCL rocketed to popularity using the Roku interface and providing TVs that, while they may not be the absolute best quality image, they DO include lots of features and user-friendly options, at a value price.

This TV provides just enough connections, with 3 HDMI s (also one with ARC, like the Sony), 1 USB, WiFi and Optical out.

The Roku interface is fast and smooth and makes it easy to switch between inputs.


There is a slight design flaw if you intend to use a wall mount. There is a plastic nub that will interfere with some mounts’ “down” motion.

The sound is lower quality, losing most of the lower and some mid-range frequencies.

The upscaling is not nearly as high quality as the Sony.

Samsung NU7300 – Most FeaturesSamsung

Total Rating: 4.7/5.0


Samsung’s Smart interface is a wonderful balance between speed and simplicity. It is also compatible with Google Home.

If you have a Samsung phone, this TV will seamlessly become an extension of it. Setup is almost completely automatic with a Samsung phone signed in to a Samsung account. Everything automatically sends over WiFi.

This is the only curved screen on this list, which is a feature that depends on taste. It is meant to give you a display that matches the human eye and makes the images more realistic than a flat panel. Personally, I like them.

Out of the three, Samsung has the best sound.


Some may see the curved screen as a con, so I will add it here as well.

This TV has similar technological features as the Sony reviewed above, but the Sony has a slightly better picture.

Samsung‘s many features aimed at Samsung phone users may not appeal to users that have a different brand of phone.

Thank you for reading our 4k TV reviews and we truly hope we helped you with your purchase.