4k TV Reviews – Compare and Get The Best Fit

Which TV Should I Buy?

A TV has become a fixture in most households and is usually one of the major purchases you will make, aside from a home and vehicle. You want to make sure that your money buys what is best for YOU.

We are going to go through a few 4k TV reviews to help you decide. We will compare specifications, pros and cons, and give a rating based on quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

The TVs we will be reviewing today are:

When you get to the size option, 65″ is recommended for a viewing distance of 3.5-10. Ten feet was the recommended distance for a 1080p TV, and the higher resolution on a 4k TV allows you to sit much closer without image degradation.

SonySony X750F – Best Image and Connections

Total Rating: 4.8/5.0


Sony took the best quality for the screen image between these three. The upscaling (from 480p to 1080p, 720p/1080p to 4k) is excellent.

Connectivity was also a plus for the Sony, being the only one with 4 HDMI ports, one with ARC (Audio Return Channel, which makes connecting devices like a soundbar or receiver simpler), and 3 USB ports (for most people, a little overkill, but nice to have).

This TV also boasts Bluetooth 4.1, which neither of the others has. Using Bluetooth or WiFi and Chromecast, you can mirror your phone or Android tablet to the TV with ease.


The Sony, unfortunately, loses a few points for its user interface. Android TV isn’t as smooth or simplistic as Roku or Samsung‘s excellent Smart interface.

The USB interface is quite slow to read, compared to the others.

The speakers have a delay when turning the TV on, and the sound isn’t as good as it could be, given Sony’s legendary reputation for quality.

TCL R617 or R617-CA– Best ValueTCL

Total Rating: 4.6/5.0


TCL rocketed to popularity using the Roku interface and providing TVs that, while they may not be the absolute best quality image, they DO include lots of features and user-friendly options, at a value price.

This TV provides just enough connections, with 3 HDMI s (also one with ARC, like Sony), 1 USB, WiFi and Optical out.

The Roku interface is fast and smooth and makes it easy to switch between inputs.


There is a slight design flaw if you intend to use a wall mount. There is a plastic nub that will interfere with some mounts’ “down” motion.

The sound is lower quality, losing most of the lower and some mid-range frequencies.

The upscaling is not nearly as high quality as the Sony.

Samsung NU7300 – Most FeaturesSamsung

Total Rating: 4.7/5.0


Samsung’s Smart interface is a wonderful balance between speed and simplicity. It is also compatible with Google Home.

If you have a Samsung phone, this TV will seamlessly become an extension of it. Setup is almost completely automatic with a Samsung phone signed in to a Samsung account. Everything automatically sends over WiFi.

This is the only curved screen on this list, which is a feature that depends on taste. It is meant to give you a display that matches the human eye and makes the images more realistic than a flat panel. Personally, I like them.

Out of the three, Samsung has the best sound.


Some may see the curved screen as a con, so I will add it here as well.

This TV has similar technological features as the Sony reviewed above, but the Sony has a slightly better picture.

Samsung‘s many features aimed at Samsung phone users may not appeal to users that have a different brand of phone.

Thank you for reading our 4k TV reviews and we truly hope we helped you with your purchase.

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17 thoughts on “4k TV Reviews – Compare and Get The Best Fit

  1. Hi Tyler, television is a must have gadget in almost everybody’s home. You are absolutely right about a buyer purchasing the best television set his money can buy. Of all the TV products you reviewed, I prefer Sonny, mostly because of ARC which makes it easier to connect soundbar. It is also durable from my experience. Your review is quite educating.igher s��5��_

    1. Thank you very much for reading. I agree with looking for ARC in the newer TVs, especially with the popularity of so soundbars nowadays.

      I, myself, still enjoy a good receiver and true surround sound, but it is still useful for that as well.

      Thanks again for reading.

  2. Great reviews about these 4k TVs, and nice comparisons as well. I wanna change my TV and have a problem choosing between a simple smart TV and 4k smart TV. This review really built my interest on 4k TV and I think I’m gonna try one of them out as long as the prices is within my budget. Thanks for sharing such information, really helpful. 

    1. There seriously hasn’t been a better time, as the 4k technology has been out long enough now that the prices have become much more reasonable. I, personally, always wait for new technology. I’d rather use my old stuff for 6 months and pay half (or less) than overspend on something that may not have been properly reviewed yet.

  3. I am in love with the Samsung NU7300, the fact that it automatically synchronizes with my Samsung phone is a plus and I can transfer data efficiently through Wi-Fi. I think having a curved screen is not a con in my opinion because the images looks more real than ordinary pictures as a matter of fact I can’t purchase a TV with flat screen. Thanks for the in-depth review.

  4. Hey tyler,

    Just went through your blog post on 4k TV and I found that you have put together some nice comparison to be checked with. I am though of the opinion that you should come up with some more no. of 4k TVs. Top three options are just ok but I personally like to go through at least 10 options and feel others too must be having the same way to see the things. Can you please pour in few more comparisons? SONY, TCL and Samsung by the way are great options.

    1. I do like to give more options when doing a multi review, however, in this case, the logical other options for the same class, LG and Panasonic (by sales), had much lower ratings. I only recommend what I would consider buying.

      I will be sure to keep this in mind for future posts.

  5. Hi! This is a no-brainer for somebody with a Samsung phone. There are so many advantages for the Samsung NU7300 that in my opinion it wins this contest.

    I have no problem with the curved screen and I really like the fact that it has the best sound of all three.

    Thank you very much for writing this review. It enables us to make a well informed purchase.

    1. Thanks Henry,

      I try to be as objective as possible when reviewing, as I know that different people have different opinions when it comes to brands. However, I personally agree. I would never go with a phone that wasn’t a Samsung. I’ve had them for years, and have never been disappointed (and constantly hear iPhone users complaining).

      I also love the new curved screens. I’m writing this with two of these monitors right now (also Samsung).

      You may also like the 8 Series, which is one class up from the one in the review. Slightly better features and quality, not much more for price. A TV is a pretty big investment into your entertainment, so you definitely want to weigh all options.

  6. good television is the best among every home appliances which I love. Getting the Samsung smart TV is part of my plan because am having interest in the features and the pictures it deliver. Samsung NU7300 can be the best appliances for the living room. Hope to get back to you and have it.thanks

  7. This is actually really helpful. If there’s one thing I hate shopping for in store, it’s electronics. Walking through aisles of products and reading fifty different signs that have almost the same information on them, then listening to some salesperson tell me why I should buy a particular one… Granted, you do get to see the screen in store. The whole process just takes too long.

    I like that you have listed Pros and Cons for each TV you chose to review, but wish there was a picture of each to see what they look like, without leaving your website. I appreciate that you provided links to Amazon, for a fast peek at these (though I almost missed them because they aren’t highlighted in the article!) Thanks for narrowing down the list of the best 4K TV’s to consider. I’ll stop by again soon to see what else you’ve found to share!

    1. There is another aspect of store buying that can be misleading. They use “Store Mode” settings, which are over bright and usually not settings you would ever use at home. So you really aren’t seeing what you would see after the purchase.

      Thanks for pointing out about the links. I’ll be sure to fix that.

  8. Hi,These are great TV models you have reviewed. I am familiar with Sony and Samsung but not TCL. I am a big fan of Sony Electronics. I recently purchased a Sony Home theater and think the Sony X750F will be an excellent product to accompany it. Sony TVs have great image quality as far as I know. The few downsides you have highlighted are not strong reasons for me to abandon the SONY model. Plus, the reception is exceptional.

    1. If you really like Sony, you may be interested in the X900F. It’s in the class above the one in the review, and still a very good value for the quality.

      Thanks for reading!

  9. Hello Tyler,

    I have read your article of 4K TV REVIEWS – COMPARE AND GET THE BEST FIT, this is really a helpful article, you have given lots of information about Sony X750F, TCL R617, TCL R617-CA. and Samsung NU7300, i will think about this TV and would like buy one from this. thank you so much for this informative post.

    1. I’m so glad that I could at least help you think about a purchase. My goal is to make it a little easier for everyday people, not just techy types.

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